Letter of Recommendation

Tom Schrey, Executive Manager
Artworks Foundry
729 Heinz Ave. #10
Berkeley, CA 94710

tel:  510-644-2735
email:  tom@artworksfoundry.com
website:  www.artworksfoundry.com

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spacer Letter of Reference from Atworks Foundry

March 20, 2009Artworks Foundry Logo

To whom it may concern:

Artworks Foundry was established in 1978 and is now California's premier full-facility foundry for the casting of sculpture in bronze.

We work in all scales from the diminutive to the monumental. The full range of our services can be seen by visiting our website at www.artworksfoundry.com.

ROGER ARVID ANDERSON has been a consistent client of the foundry since 1986. In terms of original designs he has been one of our most prolific artists having cast over 72 different bronzes with our foundry.
Anderson brings to his skills as a sculptor an expertise in the handling of wax, wood, foam and clay as well as considerable experience in the finishing of metal. Anderson is also noted for his experimental patinas and was one of the first artists to pioneer the color ranges that became available to sculptors in the 1980's.

ARTWORKS FOUNDRY was Anderson's foundry of choice for casting 22 of his bronzes for an exhibition called "Mythic Sculpture" held at the Minnesota Museum of Art in St. Paul.

ARTWORKS FOUNDRY was Anderson's foundry of choice for casting the Wayman Disc, a large bronze disc designed to rotate on a plinth.

ARTWORKS FOUNDRY was Anderson's foundry of choice for casting 18 bronzes for an exhibition in Santa Fe where he was the featured artist at the New Concept Gallery on Canyon Road.

ARTWORKS FOUNDRY has been Anderson's foundry of choice for a new round of castings from his series Trail Markers and Constellations.

Roger Arvid Anderson is noted for his attention to detail in all aspects of the casting process. He is especially involved during the preparation of the waxes and the finishing of the metal. Anderson's working habits are methodical and well paced for whatever project he is working on. We regard him as resolutely reliable. We like to think that we challenge him by what we can do and that he challenges us by encouraging us to do our best.

The foundry takes great pride in knowing that Anderson's bronzes are always of the highest professional quality, and that by working closely with him we can continue to meet his demanding standards. If those are your standards, then we recommend ROGER ARVID ANDERSON to you.

Respectfully yours,

Tom Schrey
Artworks Foundry


Letter of Recommendation

Carol A. Dabb, Owner
Carol A. Dabb, Inc.
Art Consultants
41 Sunkist Lane
Los Altos, CA 94022

tel:  650-941-1907
email:  cdabb@cdabbart.com
website:  www.cdabbart.com

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March 27, 2009

To whom it may concern:

Carol A. Dabb, Inc., Art Consultants was established in 1986.  My business is located in California’s Silicon Valley.  I’ve worked with many corporate, commercial and healthcare companies there.  My firm offers art acquisition, exhibition and advisory services to corporations, businesses, architects, developers and private individuals.   I specialize in businesses interested in using art to enhance the workplace, project their image and corporate culture, as well as enrich employee surroundings and stimulate productivity.

The firm maintains a significant network of resources for art works, whether it be for acquisition, exhibition or site specific commissions.  Please visit my website at www.cdabbart.com for a complete survey of the services and accomplishments of my firm as well as a list of some of my corporate clients.

Artist and sculptor, ROGER ARVID ANDERSON, has been one of my most popular artists.  Since 1986 ANDERSON has been a featured artist or a selected artist in groups shows at several corporations, including Hitachi Data Systems, Cadence Design Systems, Quantum Corporation, 3Com and Syntex Corporation.  At my encouragement ANDERSON submitted his art and was selected to exhibit in the juried competition, PLAZA ART 92, for the City of Mountain View, CA.  His sculpture, “Storm Lord”, won a city purchase award and is now on permanent view in City Hall.

One of my clients, then CFO for Hewlitt Packard Corporation, on my recommendation, commissioned ANDERSON to create and fabricate a giant double-sided disc mounted on a plinth for his residence.  The sculpture is called the “Wayman Disc”.  The scope of this project required crane and crew on the property.  At all stages of design, development, casting and installation, ANDERSON worked in a most professional and pleasant manner.  All time schedules were met and done within budget, to the client’s satisfaction.  An image of this piece can be viewed on ANDERSON’S website in the gallery called Metaphysical Landscapes.

It is my pleasure to recommend ROGER ARVID ANDERSON to you as one of the most talented and experienced cast bronze artists I know.  His attention to detail and quality is both consistent and exemplary.  He works well with people and is open to ideas and suggestions.  He is reliable and communicative.  He also understands the importance of budgets, time-lines and working within parameters.

Sincerely yours,

Carol Dabb