Sculptor Roger Arvid Andeson's Statement
Sculptor Roger Arvid Anderson's Statemetn spacerSculptor Roger Arvid Anderson's Statement

Apparently in Irish mythology supernatural creatures exist that both speak and constantly change shape at the same time. Sculptors can be like that for as we talk we change shape. That is a way of saying, don’t read my lips, look instead at the variety of my work.

Sculptor’s tend to model, carve or construct. I frequently mix all three modes. I also work in many materials such as wax, clay, wood and foam. In the case of my work from 2003 to 2007 I find myself once again mixing modes and materials. The ultimate goal is a bronze cast, but my originals are true composites, which I call Mixed Media. The current work is generally of a moderate scale ranging either side of two feet high, however, they are monumental in conception. This also means they may be considered as maquettes for enlargement for sculpture gardens and architectural sites.

I also work in series and by theme. Nevertheless this body of work as a whole has a look I would prefer to call ‘evocative’ rather than representational.